Double Your Sales with These SEO Practices

Linda Cruz   September 23, 2016   Comments Off on Double Your Sales with These SEO Practices

By now, most businessmen out there are already implementing some good SEO practices on their websites. This must have significantly increased your traffic and brought good business to your company.

optimasi-seo-on-page-wordpressHowever, did you know that not following up with other strategies could make you lose some of your current customers? This is especially true if you are running an e-commerce site where your line of products changes regularly and stocks reach depletion at times.

To keep your current patrons and to promote your products in order to double your sales, here are some more SEO practices that you may consider implementing.

  • First, in case a certain product runs out of stock, do not delete the item right away, especially if you know that you will be restocking it in the future.

Some of your customers may have kept the URL of that item on their bookmark and not finding that page in case they remember to look at it again may make them think that you have stopped offering it.

Instead of deleting, keep the page up and add some information regarding when it will be available again or you may suggest similar items.

  • Second, when you have a new product on your line, do some restructuring on your website so that you can feature that product on the front page.

You may then create a blog that will tell more about the benefits or features of that product and use that blog to direct your online customer base from social media sites. An effective press release will also be very useful.

  • Third, categorize your products properly. For example, your readers should not see any men’s clothing under the category for women’s clothes.

This will make your website easier to navigate and your customers will thank you for it. At the same time, search engine crawlers will have an easy way of indexing your site, which can result to better ranking.

  • Fourth, give proper descriptions to your products. Posting a single photo will never attract buyers.

They will be left asking what the features of the products are, the dimensions if applicable, the materials used, and other relevant information. Search engines will also mark your page as irrelevant and of no value if there is no information there.

images-6Therefore, attach a description to each product and if possible provide several photos from different angles. Just like with any content, avoid plagiarism in your descriptions and maintain correct grammar.

  • Fifth, use the right keywords. Are you selling women’s shoes? Then clearly state if the item is red leather shoes or espadrille wedges.

Long tail keywords will make it easier for search engines to index an item for that specific keyword and it will also attract targeted customers who usually key in detailed descriptions of the items that they are looking for.

  • Sixth, if you are removing a particular product from your line, avoid just deleting the item without further actions as this can devalue your site on SEO’s perspective. Instead, you can do one of the following things.

You may redirect the URL to a new but relevant item, you may put information that the product is already obsolete yet suggest other items, you may redirect it to a parent category, or you may use the same URL for a different but closely similar item.

image29You must remember that the page has already earned some SEO value and you would want to preserve that, which is why any of these alternatives are better than just deleting that page.

As you can see, most of the practices given here involve tweaking your web design and maintaining the quality of your content.

This simply implies that SEO is not a one-day job. You do it consistently to achieve consistent positive results, which in this case is to double your sales and make your business a success.