Tried and Tested Taylormade Golf Drivers and Putters You’ll Enjoy

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Many professional and amateur golfers patronize the Taylormade Golf brand because of its reliability and its passion for innovation. Their love for improving both the game and the players’ experience has helped them garner a high position among the industry’s equipment leaders.

Taylormade golf

The great news is that you don’t even have to leave the house to buy these clubs and equipment. Sites like allow you to shop and find deals for Taylormade Golf products from the comfort of your home.The start and end of the game are undeniably two of the most important events. This is why you should be serious in considering which drivers and putter you should invest in. Here is some equipment you’ll be sure to love.


Drivers are the first clubs you’ll use in any game. It’s important that these clubs offer high forgiveness for mis-hits, while giving a long travel distance to the ball. For years, Taylormade Golf has been revered as the king of drivers. Here are some great driver lines for you to think about investing in.

1. Rocketballz
2. SLDR –

This driver offers more lofts and more distance. Sounds crazy? It’s true, though. This driver has a low forward CG that produces low spin. Combining low spin with high ball hit will send the ball flying to longer distances if the loft is higher. This line is great because you don’t need to change your swing or ball speed. You can easily make longer, straighter drives with this driver, since it combines high angle, lower spin rate, and faster ball speed.

3. SLDR S –

The baby brother of SLDR. This driver comes without the hassle of adjustable lofts at an even lower price.

4. SLDR Mini –

Golf BallThe 3 wood designed for the tee. This club is revolutionary in that it can act as both your driver and your 3 wood. You can say goodbye to the latter, providing more space for an additional hybrid, wedge, or putter you may need during the game. The SLDR Mini Driver has a larger footprint and a deeper face than a 160cc 3 wood, giving you more stability and forgiveness against mis-hits. This allows you to launch the ball off the tee at a higher trajectory than a 3 wood. Like the SLDR metal woods, this driver has a low-forward CG and Speed Pocket, both of which promote ball speed and less spin. The factors combine to provide larger distances upon lofting up.


Taylormade Golf was hailed as the number one putter in the last PGA Professionals National Championships in June 2014. Out of the five models, four Spider Putters were in play at this championship. Here are some cool putters you should consider.

1. Spider Mallet –

This putter offers a lot of toe-heel stability because it’s constructed from a variety of materials. Its design is also quite remarkable. The heavy head is counterbalanced by a 130 gram grip, making it easier to keep the head moving on the intended path for increased accuracy.

2. Spider Blade –

taylormade-golfThe blade design of this putter is what tour pros have been begging for years from Taylormade Golf. It combines the high stability and forgiveness of the Spider Mallet with the blade design. There is also a counterbalancing design to promote a more accurate ball roll, no matter which putter shaft length you prefer. It also boasts a white leading edge and linear alignment cavity that allows you to aim more easily.

3. Ghost Spider S –

Called “the most stable tour putter,” the Ghost Spider S is the result of intensive observation of professionals on tour. This putter boasts an extremely high MOI, allowing for very high stability on all stroke types.

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